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Clue Theory

A large portion of the Internet is buzzing about tonight’s big debate between Ken Ham, the Answers in Genesis guy, and Bill Nye, the Science Guy… guy.  And of that large portion, two swathes of Internet are taking their usual sides and hoping to see theirs prevail tonight.  The usual sides, to oversimplify, go like this… “Six-day creation is […]

The “Reward” for Honesty

Years ago, I came to the conclusion that my depression was 1) not the result of circumstances alone, 2) approaching the realm of dangerously-out-of-control, and 3) not going to go away without help.  So help was what I sought.  I went to a counselor, and I also went to my doctor, who prescribed an antidepressant. I […]

Being Kind is Tiring

I think I’ve finally come up with a way to articulate what drove me out of church (leaving aside that one time when I was actually invited to leave).  It’s an attitude that gets projected a lot, and I’m not sure people even know they’re projecting it, because it’s highly unflattering.  It goes a little […]

I Pray Like a Counselor

For those of you here from Facebook – look, I decided to turn my annoying notes into a blog! For those of you here from the other blog – look, I have a life off stage too! And for those of you who stumbled on this and had no idea there was an “other blog” […]